Fire Season

Emergency Medical Services

Fire Prevention Regulations Remain at Full Shut Down for Public and IFPL III for Contractors

The recent rain and cooler temps have allowed ODF to lower the IFPL to a Level III on September 7th in the City of Ashland along with all Oregon Department of Forestry protected areas in Southwest Oregon. This includes all outside industrial and contracting activities in areas on, or near, dry vegetation. A total shutdown on similar activities for the general public is still in place under Extreme fire danger. Waiver permits from Ashland Fire & Rescue may be considered on a case-by-case basis for extremely low-risk operations.

An Industrial Fire Precaution Level IV (Four) takes effect at 12:01a.m. on September 7th for contractors only. Private use of gas powered machinery is still prohibited.  
For licensed contractors, the following equipment is now prohibited between 1 p.m. and 8 a.m. in areas in and near dry vegetation:

  • Mowing of dead or dry grass and weeds with any power driven equipment. Mowing of green lawns is permitted at any time, and this restriction does not apply to commercial agricultural purposes.
  • Chainsaws use
  • Cutting, grinding or welding metal
 The following restrictions are still in effect throughout the City of Ashland:
  • Lithia Park campfire rings are closed for use.
  • Backyard fire pits and pans of any type using wood are not permitted. Barbeques are still allowed if using briquettes with adequate clearance or gas grills.
  • Motorized vehicles are only permitted on improved roads.
  • Smoking in areas of combustible vegetation is prohibited except while in a vehicle on an improved road.
  • Electric fence controllers must be approved by a nationally recognized testing laboratory such as Underwriters Laboratories Inc., or be certified by the Department of Consumer and Business Services, and be installed and used in compliance with the fence controller’s instructions for fire safe operation.
  • Outdoor Debris Burning is Prohibited.
  • Fireworks are prohibited at all times, throughout the year within the City of Ashland.
  • Sky Lanterns are prohibited at all times, throughout the year within the City of Ashland.
 Ashland Fire & Rescue encourages all citizens to BE READY for a possible evacuation. Being Ready means that you are monitoring local media, that you have created defensible space and that your emergency supplies and important documents and belongings are ready to take if necessary.
With the increase in fire danger, there are a number of requirements to aid in the prevention of fires throughout the city. All properties within the City of Ashland are required to follow the prevention measures and restrictions listed in this release.

As fire danger increases throughout the summer months, find the most current restrictions
fireseason or by contacting Ashland Fire & Rescue at (541) 482-2770. Requests for waivers can also be made by calling this number.
Additional fire season information can be found at the following locations:
  • Wildfire Hotline – (541) 552-2490  
  • Emergency Broadcast Radio – 1700 am
  • Citizen Alert (Reverse 911) –Register your contact information by going to and clicking on “Opt-In to Citizen Alert” on the right hand menu. If you do not have a landline, we can’t contact you if you don’t opt-in.

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